Equations of a Being by Ashutosh Gupta | Book Review

Equations of a Being- A Being Who Gathered Moss By Ashutosh Gupta was first published in August 2017.


If you have a penchant for both reason and abstractness, this intriguing piece of literature shouldn’t be missed. Equations of a Being beautifully coalesces the author’s thought pieces pertaining to the existential spectrum. Never has there been a book that blended emotions, intellect, and imagination so seamlessly, to celebrate a being in totality.

The author depicts his artistic persuasion, the enriched and disintegrated fragments of his existence, and the conclusions based on his interactions with the physical and abstract elements of life in a compelling and unbridled manner.

It’s a book for the ages that will let you trace the complete trajectory of a being and realize that a being has been and will always be a convergence of his tryst with abstractness, his acceptance of vulnerability, and his surge for virtuosity.”

My Take:

Equations of a Being made for a captivating read. It is an ensemble of thoughts and poetry that are inquisitive in nature.  Each and every piece of writing in this book comes together like a piece of a puzzle. Or rather, each quote or poem presents itself as an answer to a question that anyone or everyone may ask. The author has exquisitely divided his exitance into words. His dilemmas, questions, troubles, and inspiration have transferred into his writing.

The theme that comes across resolutely throughout the course of the book is that of self-reflection. What makes it a refreshing read is that while it is self-reflective, it does not claim to be a know-all. It is a highly introspective work of literature that makes observations but not the conclusions.

Certain sections of the book have a rather strong spiritual take on the existential reality of a being. There are questions we may ask ourselves from time to time, Equations of a Being is a study of those very questions. You may or may not like the answers that the author brings to the table, you may or may not agree with them. There are certain observations I don’t agree with and some of the poems of this collection that I can completely relate to. But that is the beauty of existential curiosities, no two people will ever have the same perspective.

The writing is such that you have to go back and read the poem again in order to completely take in all that the author is trying to say. A lot is said in a few lines, and deciphering it is elucidating. The vocabulary used in the book is not from your everyday conversations. It works well with the themes involved and helps elevate the articulation of the subject.

I would like to thank the author, Ashutosh Gupta, for providing me with a copy of Equations of a Being for reviewing.

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17 Responses

  1. It is always a good idea to self reflect. Sometimes taking a good hard look at ourselves can implement necessary changes.

  2. Very interesting read! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Your review makes me curious, thank you for sharing! Is this the first book of the author?

  4. Dee Jackson says:

    This looks like a great read. I think I’ll check it out.

  5. Esse D says:

    I feel smarter just by reading the synopsis! This book is really getting added to my “new reads” list.

  6. Erin Kay says:

    Sounds like an interesting read. Thanks for the article!

  7. Wow this sounds wonderful! I am going to have to try reading this asap. I am always looking for a new book.

  8. Sela says:

    This seems like a good read and something that I am curious about. The blurb is very interesting and makes me want more. Great job.

  9. Sondra Barker says:

    Sounds like a great read!

  10. This sounds super interesting. I have had that thought about different perspectives too.. it’s fascinating to think about how many perspectives exist on this planet!

  11. Bobbi says:

    Books like this definitely do captivate me. I would love to be able to read this!

  12. kiwi says:

    I haven’t read a good book with a compilation of poetry in a long time. Sounds interesting and intriguing!

  13. I don’t get a lot of time to read, but I would love to read this. It sounds like such an interesting book!

  14. Jennifer L says:

    Wow this would be a fantastic book for my friend. He loves covering topics that really strength the mind and question existence. Definitely will give him the title of the book.

  15. If I get enough time I will define check this out. I love poetry that really makes you think. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Jelena says:

    Sounds like a great book. I’ll put it on my list.

  17. Nina says:

    Self-reflective without being a know-it-all. I like that. I try to be like that everyday.

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