Superwomen By Prachi Garg | Book Review

Superwomen by Prachi Garg was first published in January of 2016 by Srishti Publishers and Distributors.


In a nation that reveres women as goddesses of wealth, knowledge, power and infinite energy, there are a few who have gone on to prove why. Not only have they carved a niche for their talent, but have also inspired and empowered many others in the process.

Their innovative ventures encompass a varied range of services in social to retail/ e-tail to educational to sustainability genres – from supporting victims of acid attacks, to providing free skin care solutions; from online retail of lingerie, handmade bags and fashion accessories, to eco-friendly products of everyday utility; from pet care products, to quirky merchandise; from empowering folk artists, to providing clinical assistance to those going through tough times; from image consulting to house hunting; from arty solutions, to innovative marketing and corporate communication; from creating happy readers to making religious ceremonies simpler – these entrepreneurs have opened avenues formerly unexplored.”


My Take:

In a socio-economic environment made up of innovation,  budding entrepreneurs, and startups; Prachi Garg’s book has brought a much-needed perspective.  All businesses start with an idea or inspiration that the entrepreneur wants to develop and monetize. However, most of us are only concerned with the success stories and not the hard work and struggle that comes with this territory.

The book, Superwomen, illuminates the business journeys of twenty successful Indian female entrepreneurs. It does not simply highlight the successes but also talks at length about the hardships, and obstacles that go into the process of setting up a business. Prachi Garg has picked twenty unique and strongwilled individuals who have brought about a new generation of innovation.

The entrepreneurs featured in Superwomen have had to conquer not only the business circles but also domestic ones. The aptly named Superwomen have had to do it all with or without external support. These are inspiring stories of innovative ventures taken on by motivated women. It is a fascinating endeavor to document the stories of the Superwomen. At the end of the day, many of us want to achieve what they have, we have the drive they have and all of us can definitely benefit from learning from those who have been there and have been triumphant.

The author of Superwomen, Prachi Garg has a uniquely accurate perspective on this subject. She is a successful business owner herself and is distinctly aware of the hard work and persistence it takes to build something from scratch. She started, an enterprise where the team organizes corporate tours based on the customers’ requirements, budget and provides them the bouquet of options. This initiative was taken up by her during college days.


I would like to thank the author, Prachi Garg, for providing me with a copy of Superwomen for reviewing. Reading it was an absolute joy.


Have you read Superwomen? What did you think? If you would like to see a review of any book, please comment below.

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Happy reading!

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26 Responses

  1. Stacey says:

    Sounds like a very inspiring read. Great review.

  2. Nikki says:

    Looks like an interesting read. I like how it tackles the challenges too, as not to make every success story about luck or being an easy ride to the top: that you have to put in the work.

  3. Ben says:

    Thanks for sharing this book. I haven’t read it and also don’t know if it’s interesting for men but it looks inspiring anyways.

  4. Stormi says:

    Interesting find! As a woman who has just become involved in the business world over the past few years, this book intrigues me.

  5. DJ Sakata says:

    Looks like an excellent resource

  6. Sarah Bailey says:

    This sounds like an interesting read, I may just have to check it out, I am all for anything that gives insights into how people took the next step.

  7. Dee Jackson says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this book. It sounds like an absolute must read. I hope to become a superwoman one day as well.

  8. Sounds like it’s an interesting book.will have a look on amazon

  9. This book seems like one I’d read. I am shocked that I don’t have it already!

  10. I read a book a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. I say that because I have a list on Amazon of books I’m going to buy when I get caught up again. I’ve not read superwoman but I’m adding it to my list.

  11. emma white says:

    oh this sounds like an inspiring read indeed and yes we should see the struggles as much as the success as its these I find most important to see that we are not struggling alone and its worth it in the end

  12. Dana Peller says:

    It always amazes me when I hear of other women who are going after their dreams. So proud of these Women Empowerment posts you see today

  13. This sounds like a great read and anything inspiring or motivating is what I love. We have a home library with wall to wall of books.

  14. Ada says:

    This sounds like such an interesting read. I will have to check it out for myself.

  15. kiwi says:

    Sounds like a really empowerning book. Especially for Indian woman where the culture can be very chauvinistic but happy this showcase several women being Superwomen!

  16. Rachel says:

    This sounds like a really motivating and inspiring book! Glad you enjoyed it!

  17. Becca Talbot says:

    This sounds like an interesting book, very empowering for females. And not just females from the US or UK, but from all walks of life 🙂 x

  18. This sounds like a great book for women. I will add it to my list, thanks for the great review.

  19. TeeShares says:

    I love reading but I don’t always have the time. Love your review here . I may look for this book to read.

  20. GiGi Eats says:

    Oh man! I shouldn’t admit this but I will… I haven’t read a BOOK in what feels like eons – because I legit cannot remember the last time I even cracked a book open, YIKES! But this book sounds really interesting and inspiring!

  21. Valerie says:

    I am intrigued by this book! I want to purchase it. Do you have the link for it ?? ❤️❤️

  22. Thena Franssen says:

    You’ve intrigued my interest in this book. I’ll have to check it out!

  23. Nisha says:

    Thanks for sharing the review! It looks like an interesting book 🙂

  24. Angela Ricardo Bethea says:

    This sounds like an interesting book to read. I will definitely be checking this on Amazon. Thanks for sharing!!

  25. I honestly think all women r superwomen.. Capable to do everything they wanna do! Go go superwoman!

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