Freelance Training by Amit Joshi | Book Review

Freelance Training: How to Crack the Freelance Training Business in India by Amit Joshi was published in 2017 by Indus Source Books.


Freelance Training: How to Crack the Freelance Training Business in India is the definitive guide for people wanting to make freelance training their career. Amit Joshi is a successful trainer with 13+ years of experience in Language and Soft Skills Training, Profit Centre Operations, and Accounts Management, who has coached clients from various industries through diverse trainings.

• A step by step guide to help you on your journey in the Freelance Training market

• Practical tips and insights based on the first-hand experience

• Tools to help you implement and carry on the learnings from the book

• Guidance from top trainers in India

• An edge over your competitors in the Training arena

• Help to leverage the ideas to add an additional income source along with your regular job


My Take:

Through his book Freelance Training: How to Crack the Freelance Training Business in India, Amit Joshi is paving way for a discussion that is long overdue.  Freelance training is not a common topic of discussion, a book on freelancing training is a rare find. What makes this book even more relevant is the fact that it has been written with Indian context in mind.

The text takes you back to the basics. It breaks down the entire process into smaller steps or tasks which makes it easier for the readers to properly analyze their businesses and accordingly plan and execute different strategies. The feature that makes this book all the more credible is the fact that it contains within itself, author’s insights based on his first-hand experiences. Bringing in more than a decade’s worth of work experience in one book, Amit Joshi is sharing his trade secrets as well as the case studies of other veterans of the field.

This book is a unique read and one that should not be ignored by those taking the first steps into the world of freelancing. It is replete with practical applications and the strategies provided in the book are highly customizable. That is to say, the tips and suggestions provided in the book are not limited to one particular individual or organization, you can mould them to suit your needs.

Essentially, the book is a step by step training manual for all those professionals who want to begin or boost their freelance training business. It makes for the perfect read for those who want to move beyond rigid organizational structures and carve out their own path in this field.


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