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 The Surrogate Lies

Shantanu Munshi’s The Surrogate Lies was first published in November of 2017 by Half Baked Beans.


A dysfunctional writer, a hyperbole consultant, a Bollywood smitten driver and an over the top mysterious foreign man.

They are strangers on an adventure and strange is their adventure. Their escapades are as serendipitous as life on earth yet their lives are as normal as a morning tea. Still, you will laugh, cry, sympathize with them en route to their and your redemption from the mundane life.

Read as they dodge the bullets of their fear, their insecurities, and their failures. They are waiting for you to board the rusted and trusted 4*4 and enjoy the smooth roller coaster.

So all aboard? Get started and turn the first page of this special journey of this nondescript motley of strangers.”

My Take:

The Surrogate Lies by Shantanu Munshi is one of those books that are written to combat a serious case of the Monday blues. Sprinkled with funny one-liners and an unusually sly perspective into the human psyche this book is a definite read for those looking for a break from monotony.

The book revolves around four peculiar characters and their journey, both physical and introspective. “A dysfunctional writer, a hyperbole consultant, a Bollywood smitten driver and an over the top mysterious foreign man”, these descriptions give the reader much to think about. The characters created by the author are highly relatable. Each has a different story to tell, different struggles to deal with and different aspirations.  Hilarity ensues when they are put in situations they can’t perceivably control.

While the plot trope is not all that uncommon, the author has a fascinating take on it. The characters work well together to bring to culmination the adventure that is The Surrogate Lies. It is fun to see the reactions and interactions of the characters with the twists and turns that this plot offers. I have always been a fan of multiple stories coming together as one, in this case, multiple perspectives also come together.

It is interesting how the author walks the line between humor and introspection. The ups and downs of the journey are strongly attached to the ups and downs of the characters as well. While there are funny situations, there are also moments of thought-provoking soul searching.

If you are looking for something that will help you get away from a stress full day (or week), this is a good pick.

From samosas to trap doors, The Surrogate Lies has much to offer.


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