Unlearn by Humble The Poet | Book Review

Unlearn by Humble The Poet aka Kanwer Singh has been published in 2019 by Harper One.


Humble sees life with unique clarity. In Unlearn, he opens our eyes to our own lives, helping us to recognize the possibilities that await us and the challenges that prevent us from realizing our dreams. With his characteristic honesty and forthrightness, he helps us shed the problematic lessons we’ve learned throughout our lives that limit us, from sabotaging habits, to fixed mindsets, to past regrets and relearn new, unconventional ways of moving through life.

Among his 101 lessons are:
Fitting In Is a Pointless Activity
Don’t Trust Everything You Feel
Killing Expectations Births Happiness
Comparisons are Killer
Baby Steps Add Up
You Decide Your Worth

Profound in its simplicity, Unlearn is the perfect invitation to a new beginning and to pursue a life of fulfillment.


My Take:

Unlearn pushes you to look at the world beyond the dust that has settled over the years.  Flip the perspective so to speak. The book, through the 101 truths, is asking the reader to look beyond the norm, to question every little thing we have told ourselves to be true. It quite literally is asking the reader to unlearn all the “obstacles” that stand in the way of our dreams.

Don’t expect there to be any sugar quoted affirmations in this one though. Unlearn takes a straight forward approach to the truths about life. The blunt, sometimes brutal truth. This book is not about miracles or drastic changes overnight. Written with a deep insight into the minds of its intended readers, the book takes you on a fascinating journey of critical introspection.

While reading I felt as if the author was talking to me directly. Asking me questions about what I think of myself and why.  Honestly? It made me turn a few things around in my head. I found myself questioning statements that I make on a regular basis, trying to find the whys behind them. This task can seem daunting and frankly uncomfortable for someone like me who is not fond of change, but that is the point of this exercise. Unlearn pushes you to look past your comfort zone. The book encourages you to redefine what you consider normal.

Unlearn by Humble the Poet is a must-read! It gives you a lot to ponder over.


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5 Responses

  1. DJ Sakata says:

    I love/hate it when a book makes me think that deeply 😉

  2. Kathy West says:

    Looks like a really interesting book.

  3. Oh wow! Seems very interesting. Going to recommend it to my daughter.

  4. I don’t read a lot of nonfiction but this sounds like it really makes you think. Great review!

  5. Oh gosh that makes me think hard. I’m not much of a poetry reader but it does sound good.

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