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I can’t believe that the third part of the Relic Hunters series is out already! The War of the Damned by Martin Ferguson came out on the 17th of July. I cannot wait to find out where this new adventure takes Adam, his brother, and his team members. I am also looking forward to the budding, romantic subplot!

I have high hopes for this one as I liked the first book in this series and the sequel did not disappoint, far from it.  I am excited to find out what the gang has been up to.

I have to admit the cover looks amazing!


War of the Damned

When a World War II submarine is mysteriously discovered off the coast of Scotland, Adam Hunter and the secret team from the British Museum are sent to investigate. Only, they’re not the only ones captivated by the curious items discovered inside and the Hunter brothers and their teammates are forced to fight their way across Europe in the footsteps of millions of young British soldiers who went before them. As legends and stories come to life, the team discover the terrifying truth of Hitler’s gold lust. In this third installment of The Relic Hunters, readers are guaranteed a totally immersive historical experience.



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